Templis CALSF Pub Crawl

Friday Pub Crawl

Legend has it that in the year 1645. A group of hooligans FC'd by a young Sir Geoffrey Toppenbottom went out drinking one night and hit the local Public House. They were a hard-drinking group and the Pub quickly ran out of ale. Sir Toppenbottom and his drinking buddies warped to the next system and drank the second station dry. Three systems and four stations later, Sir Toppenbottom and his now properly fit cohorts forgot where they left their ships podding their way home. Thus coining the phrase Pub Crawl.

Templis CALSF runs a Friday Night Pub Crawl every week. It kicks off around 01:00 EVE Saturday. This is our coveted and sometimes notorious fleet where we get to blow off steam, meet new bros, and just relax. Adult beverages, recreation enhancements and other boosters are not required but in abundance. Come as you are and enjoy. You never know what will happen during this fleet. We may welp 15 Drakes to A Pack of Lips, participate in a 1,400 ship battle in low sec, round robin FC-ing, hot drop on CCP Zelus and, well, why not... Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Whatever happens, the camaraderie and support of one another is alive and well. We have yet to miss a Friday Pub Crawl so don't disappoint us! Cheers!

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"I am getting disappointed in CCDM Trikks though... hasn't welped a drake fleet or taken us to find a pack of lips. CCDM Luhen Ostus is still the king!!."
- CCDM Onomerous -

- Killed CCP Zelus and a 4.1B ISK Vindicator - "That's the most beautiful thing I've seen all week!"
- CCDM Kaylee Ariendahl -

"Templis Pub Crawl! Adult beverages or other boosters recommended. Tonight we run amok, so wear your London's Gentleman or Blackbeard's Delight. Blow off steam from the work week. Get ready for the weekend!"
- CCDM Scylus Black -

"That was fucking FUN. Thanks again CALSF for inviting us along!"
- UCSC Mary O'Toife -

"Yes, great fleet last night! I laughed, I cried, I destroyed and was destroyed!"
- UEFF Eugene Killuminati -

"I got a 2B POD kill. Soo I enjoyed the fleet and the FC's were really good."
- PHEED Sophitia Brightstar -

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