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Innia has Fallen!

On April - 27 - 2013 Comments Off

Welcome home CCDM!  Innia has fallen and is now back in Caldari control!  More importantly the CCDM home has been returned!  Due in large part to the hardcore plexing of Templis Dragonaors and support from the Totally Consensual Alliance among others for the IHUB bash.  One of the road blocks we all ran into was  [ Read More ]

DCE at Fanfest 2013!

On April - 27 - 2013 Comments Off

Word from the field came in the other day.  Damassys Kadesh of DCE was competing in the PvP Tournament at Fanfest!  Here is what she had to say: “I was picked up at the last minute by a trio of Amarr FW pilots from the UK who needed to fill their ranks. The team name  [ Read More ]

CCDM Hash House Harriers

On April - 25 - 2013 Comments Off

In keeping with the tradition of the CCDM Fleets and merging the model of the Hash House Harriers. We will be doing a drinking fleet roam in the very near future. Bring your best beverage and most expendable ship! We will be looking for fights in the various systems while having missions to meet up  [ Read More ]

Thank you Deen!

On April - 24 - 2013 Comments Off

Dear Deen, I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you again for the fights you arranged for my entertainment. It was truly a wonderful night out and so special to celebrate with my corpmates. I am sure you went through a huge expense having to return so often to meet our needs.  [ Read More ]

Caldari Daily Double!

On April - 19 - 2013 Comments Off

I’ll take frogs falling asleep Heth! DING! What happens when the arrogant Frogs have to stretch themselves? They lose two systems in one night. The Totally Consensual Alliance and CCDM (Templis Dragonaors Alliance) partnered with one another to make this happen. We were able to plex to vulnerable and flip two systems in less than  [ Read More ]

Sarenemi is ours again!

On April - 15 - 2013 Comments Off

Thus begins the swing to the good. In less than 24 hours we have retaken Sarenemi. With the Totally Consensual Alliance in the area the system was plexed quickly to 88%. The Caldari Colonial Defense Ministry combat team worked hard into the night (for some a full day) to get Sarenemi vulnerable before downtime. Our  [ Read More ]

Enaluri Lost

On April - 14 - 2013 Comments Off

So it was only a matter of time before we lost this battle. A great location next door to the Gallente Horde. Loss by numbers. The organized Caldari corporations, of which we are few, provide better pilots and FC’s than the Frogs. However in much less numbers than our enemy. A loss by numbers. Enaluri  [ Read More ]

The Battle of Asakai!

On March - 2 - 2013 Comments Off

Where were you when one of the largest low-sec battles took place?  I know where CCDM was!  Right in the mix of it.  What was to be a Liandri / CCDM Op to protect one of there POS’ coming out of reinforced turned into over 3000 combatants fighting through Titans and Super Carriers!  Here is  [ Read More ]

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