Templis CALSF Alliance

For The State Since 2012

hethWe are a Caldari loyal corporation fighting in Faction Warfare as a Caldari State supporter. CCDM has been created to protect all State assets within the Black Rise region. We actively engage Gallente militia pilots who roam in Caldari systems, and Pirate fleets wrecking havoc on random Caldari Citizens & Pilots. However CCDM is not limited to just faction warfare, it’s also the obligation of the corporation to encourage industrial and Colonial growth in these sectors. With this intention, enlistment opportunities are available to all combat, industrial, logistics and mining capsuleer’s primarily from the North American time zone (-5 GMT).  We do accept pilot from around the globe.  Just keep in mind your times may not mesh with a majority of our times.  Please consider your availability before applying.

We are a corporation designed to support the pilots and keep them flying.  Your involvement adds value to that purpose.

It will take 72-96 after we receive all the requested information to approve or deny your application.  It’s important that you hang out in our Public Channel in game to get to know us and vice versus.

To Start:

You need to apply to the corporation in game first.  Once that is done you will receive an e-mail with instructions.  Our requirements change based on the needs of the Corporation.  So read the in-game Ad for updated information. Come join us in the “CCDM Chan” our public chat in game.
“Our Goal is to keep you fighting for the state!”

We truly are a corporation for the pilots. We work for you!

We are looking for stand up mature pilots. So if this is something you are interested in. I would like to talk to you about this opportunity.

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