Templis CALSF Alliance

For The State Since 2012

Factional warfare introduced with the Empyrean Age Expansion 2008 was introduced by CCP to Eve to ease on the step from the PvE game play to the PvP gameplay. Ingame wise it moves the storyline into the war which has been hinted at in several storyline missions as well as global ingame news.

FW puts the player into an “alliance” that is constantly war-dec’ed with two other “alliances” called militias. Each militia is holding occupancy over certain low sec regions between the two empires which the players fight for control vs the opposing militia. The central mechanism around FW is gaining occupancy by conquering factional warfare dungeons commonly called plexes. These plexes focus factional warfare participants into mostly frigate and cruiser size ships due to their restrictions on their entry acceleration gate.

Since these militias are tied to the four high sec NPC empires, the opposing NPC empires will take measures if you enter their empire space, sending/spawning Navy NPCs to shoot opposing militia members in 1.0 to 0.5 to protect their high-sec space, dividing high-sec into safer and unsafer high-sec while still being part of an empire war dec.

In the case of CCDM.  We are a Caldari loyal corporation.  We fleet nightly in our effort to vanquish our enemies and win the war.  For the state!

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