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As an alliance we live to serve the corporations under it for the greater good of the Caldari people and our fight against the Gallente. We gain our corporate applicants through attraction rather than promotion. The alliance exists because of the strong leadership in the corporations under it. As such its vital any corporate applicant is a fit to the team. Any corporation that applys will need to be approved by the Alliance Members CEO’s (Alliance Board).  We are a team not a dictatorship.  The stronger our corporations are the stronger the alliance is so we work to support one another and help each corporation grow. Our Corporation Ticker CALSF (Caldari Special Forces) speaks to our focus and desire to be one of the best teams in EVE.

Interested in Joining:

Please E-Mail the Executor of Templis CALSF Alliance:  Scylus Black

Executor Corporation of the Alliance

ccdm_logoCaldari Colonial Defense Ministry is a coporation that places a lot of emphasis on coaching and developing our pilots.  We believe that if the pilot has the right attitude and is a fit for the team.  The skill set and experience will come in time.  We are a mature laid back group of pilots.  Who like to have fun, blow off steam and play to win.  Been around since April 2012.

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