Templis CALSF Alliance

For The State Since 2012

Trading_Card_Ian_WolfCaldari Colonial Defense Ministry (CCDM) is a Caldari militia PVP corporation. CCDM was founded by Ian Wolf initially in April 2011 and revised in April 2012. CCDM has been a member of Faction Warfare (FW) since nearly the beginning with the goal of being one of the top PVP corps within the militia. CCDM was a founding member with Commissar Veldt for the Section 9 Alliance with Progressive State back in April 2012. In November 2012 a decision was made to move into the Templis Dragonoars Alliance. This has allowed CCDM to be at the front lines of the war with the Gallente while still keeping close ties with our allies in Section 9. This move also exposed numerous shortcomings that as a corporation we needed to re-evaluate our role in Faction Warfare and how we support our own pilots.

In November of 2012 Ian Wolf stepped down as CEO from CCDM and passed on the reigns of the corporation to Scylus Black and Shahai Shintaro. Under new leadership the corporation has grown in ranks. During the re-evaluation process, CCDM Developed key support programs to ensure the pilots are kept in the battle and not in the station. Some examples of our changes have been a revised ship replacement program, corporate profit sharing, and our own logistic support program.

CCDM has always maintained a culture that involves fighting for the State and supporting other Caldari FW corporations. In December 2012 through January 2013 while many other Caldari FW corporations were bailing out of Faction Warfare because the Gallente were conquering the map, CCDM was one of the few corps that remained during this dark time. We were able to ensure that the Gallente only held the map for less than 24 hours. Furthermore, when Liandri Alliance asked for help defending their POS in Asakai, CCDM responded and was on the field ready to fight in what turned into one of the largest battles in Low Sec ever. Many say they were there or that they were at the start of this historic battle. We know better.

We have high expectations for our pilots and strive to be the top Caldari Faction Warfare Corporation around. A bright future is ahead of CCDM and we welcome any up and coming pilot who wants to join a class act of a corporation to apply. Fly Safe!

Scylus Black and Shahai Shintaro
April 2013

In May 2013 the Executor of Templis Dragonaors left and CCDM was voted the executor of the alliance. Thus began the much needed process of aligning the current members and setting a direction for the alliance that would benefit all of the corporations under it and strengthen the alliance as a whole. The first order of business was the creation of the Alliance Charter. A document that would provide guidance and direction in absence or change of the Executor.

Scylus Black
June 2013

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