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Posted by Scylus Black On November - 24 - 2014 Comments Off

Caldari-Militia-620x350-2Every once in awhile you have an opportunity to do something that at the time you have no idea if it will have any impact or not.  Impact being a change in course of your goals or the goals of others.  So when Niden of Moira (Villore Accords) reached out in early September I didn’t place much emphasis on the interview request.

I was going through a job change in real life and had my priorities elsewhere.  However we kept in touch and through a lot of follow up, much more than I am sure he wanted to do I relented and gave the interview.   I don’t know if the result impacted anything.  I do know I gained a new perspective of the Gallente.  I am very appreciative of Niden taking the time to reach out to me and compile that article.  More importantly, at least for Templis CALSF, our perspective was given to the masses.  For better or worse.  We were able present why we do some of the things we do and dispel some of the misconceptions about our alliance.  It also, for a brief period, was a hot topic on Reddit and Crossing Zebras.  Always fun reading the comments from the readers.  Niden thanks again!  Meet you in the middle!

Crossing Zebras Caldari Militia Article

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