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td_cal22I’ve been meaning to write this article for sometime.  Was going to post it in February 2014 at our second anniversary.  Sidetracked, real life, a focus elsewhere, I just started jotting down notes and thinking about what it should look like.  Well here it is.  Coming up on our three year anniversary we are still the longest running Caldari Militia Faction Warfare Alliance that has not left the Caldari side or Faction Warfare.  We are very proud of that record.

Templis CALSF was formerly known as Templis Dragonaors.  When this alliance was first formed in February 2012 the idea of DUST didn’t really exist (More on that later) and having a name similar to NPC entities in EVE was not a huge issue back then.  As a play on Commander Heth’s Templis Dragonaurs (sp) it was, at its heart, an ultra-nationalist Caldari terrorist organization (we prefer loyalist) whose origins date back to the Tikiona States. They are easily the most anti-Gallente political entity in New Eden.  As EVE Lore would go, the organization was secretly involved in the destruction of Nouvelle Rouvenor. Tibus Heth was supposedly a member for six years, although his involvement was never officially proven.  Which certainly fit our model for Faction Warfare.  That was the lore back then and it gave the cultural foundation to this alliance.  Even during its early days.

Dark Circle Enforcement was the original executor of Templis.  Lead by Cory Braum they became an effective alliance that fought alongside EvOke, Happy Endings, Black Rise Guerilla Force and Section 9 Alliance.  The later of which was founded by the Caldari Colonial Defense Ministry (CEO Ian Wolf) and Progressive State (CEO Commissar Veldt).  Section 9 was a smaller alliance with strong ties in the UK Time Zone and North America.  Here is an earlier ad for Templis Dragonaors Alliance circa March 2012.

November 2012 (Changes on the Horizon):

Leading up to changes in Faction Warfare mechanics and activity in our original alliance, Caldari Colonial Defense Ministry (CCDM) left Section 9 and joined Templis Dragonaors.  Little did I know this change would lead to an enormous amount of content for those flying with us and change the scope of the game for me and many others.  In early December 2012 the decline of the old guard started.  In part due to the sweeping changes in Faction Warfare, the resetting of the map, and unfortunately leverage it gave the enemy.  Too much was given to the victors.  Of course none of this would come to light immediately and by the time it did, any further tweaking before “Retribution” was null and void.  It was only a matter of time.

January 2013 (New CEO Team for CCDM / Later Executor of Templis):

Scylus Black and Shahai Shintaro were voted in as Co-CEO’s for CCDM.  With former CEO and founder Ian Wolf leaving Faction Warfare.  We also experienced “The Battle of Asakai.”

March 2013 (Slow Burn):

“…a new and massive offensive has begun against the Gallente fortress system of Nennamaila, lead by The Bloody Ronin Syndicate <RONIN>, and assisted by several other Caldari entities including Templis Dragonaors <CALSF> Caldari State Capturing <PLEX>, new arrival to the scene (former TEST corp) Kaesong Kosmonauts [NORK.] and several other Cal Mil corporations.  Fighting was especially intense over the weekend as Gallente Alliances GMVA and Monkeys with Guns. <BNANA> lead defensive efforts in Nennamaila and counter-offensive efforts in the Caldari staging system of Enaluri next door. Over 400 ships were destroyed on both sides in the period between Saturday and Sunday with little progress made in system capture for any party.”  – The Mittani “Meanwhile, In Black Rise.”

That was the beginning of the end.  Over the next few weeks, especially since “The Fall of Enaluri” in April 2013, it would drive many of those listed above to Null Sec or a world of piracy.  Abandoning Faction Warfare and leaving those of us still invested in PVP and the fight to grow or follow suit.  The general thought process in Templis Dragonaors and Section 9 was Caldari Militia still needed support and guidance.  Where as the Federation proved to be more organized and more effective.  When the above left we opted to remain.

May 2013 (Executor Change):

Scylus Black and CCDM voted in and made Executor of Templis Dragonaors.  Dark Circle Enforcement and Cory Braum left for Amarr space.

June 2013 (Culture Change and Logo):

calsfThe alignment of the current teams and establishing our new culture began.  Alliance Charter ironed out and standards agreed upon was created.  This would outline how we would operate and ensure a drama free and stable alliance.  It covered many aspects to ensure we did not struggle with the problems we had before.  The culture prior to any change in Templis was not one of unity or brotherhood.  In fact several of the members were looking to leave Templis prior to the Executorship change.  CCDM included.  Shahai and I had put together a plan that if things did not change we would leave and create our own alliance.  As luck would have it we ended up as Executors.  It now fell on us to demonstrate and work with the remaining members that something could be done with the team.  An example and missed opportunity from the previous leadership was “The Battle of Asakai.” (Original Mittani Breaking News Report).  CCDM was asked by Liandri Covenant to help defend their POS.  We reached out to our alliance for back-up and support in this.  It fell on deaf ears.  Something that happened more often than not.  Little did anyone know it would be the largest Low-Sec Battle of its time.  New_Spine-2We also knew we needed to create an alliance logo to finalize our new transition from the old regime to the new.  We also needed to separate from the other alliances and add credibility to this change by gaining an accepted logo.  We employed several ideas for an alliance logo.  Agreeing on the Dragons Heads with Name one posted above.  It was submitted and Approved.  The blue one was an option… Thankfully we had options.

It was also during this period that we separated from our colleagues.  Caldari Militia was struggling with routine.  They were stagnating.  We made the decision to relocate from Okkamon to Innia, in the heart of GalMil country.  We were the only CalMil in that system at that time and looked to bring the fight to the Gallente.  Where the rest of CalMil resided in High Sec several jumps away we were next door to the Gallente in Low Sec.  It did bring about some challenges with the local pirates and logistics for goods however we stuck it out.  We solved the freight logistic problem and our pilots improved there game against the pirates and GalMil.  Although we lost the system over one long siege weekend with limited to no support from CalMil we regained it two days later and held it for 279 days.  By that time CalMil decided to reside in Innia.  I have to say some of the most epic fights and great skirmishes were during that period.  That weekend, Innia was the most violent system in all of New Eden up until that time.  Another milestone and epic event.

“…A Khan Farshatok Talwar fleet was reported running complexes in nearly deserted Nennamaila at the time (while the inhabitants were mostly in Innia fighting Templis) and was informed by both his own militia and the Gallente that the fighting was to be had in Innia. For whatever reason, Khan decided not to commit his fleet to Innia’s defense.” – The Mittani “Faction Warfare: Black Rise and Placid Aflame.”

That one weekend solidified our efforts and changed our attitude towards the rest of CalMil.  Even with requests for support and not gaining it we fought long and hard.  We sent a message to GalMil by getting in the mix and were reminded of our continued need to be self-reliant and supportive of the alliance.  You can read about some of our changes since this time in the Crossing Zebras article linked at the bottom.  Part of our evolution as an alliance is to open up more to develop others and share what we have learned.  Perhaps over time we will see a greater consistent unity.

We may not have received the support one would have expected from there own militia however we received this from the GalMil Corporation Justified Chaos Deen Wispa – “I tip my hat off to Templis Dragonaors. Despite losing the system, they fought with tenacity and ferocity. Those are two qualities lacking in many CalMil corps nowadays.”  I’ll take respect from our enemy any day.

December 2013 (Name Change):

Alliance Name and Logo removed due to a violation of the in-game names.  We were given 24-Hours to come up with a new name.  Our Alliance was reported for violation of our the EULA under section 6.C as it relates to the Terms of Service item 8, (impersonation of the Templis Dragonaurs DUST Corporation) and as such, our alliance was renamed to a number.  It was a brief frustrating period as we had worked hard to come together and create this.  However they allowed us to change the name and logo without including the “Dragonaors” name or variant.  They also expedited the logo replacement (Thank you CCP).  Unfortunate that this happened and disappointing that “someone” felt the need to submit a petition against us however we are better off with the change.  Our history and results speak for themselve.  Just another part of our evolution and story.99001742_128

The 2014 Year (All About PVP):

We really came into our own this year.  Lot of focus on Shield training.  We have been recognized as having the best Shield Logi team in CalMil.  We have high expectations as a combat team.  Because of our culture and stability we have retained talent on the team who continue improve and separate from the competition.  Meaning we are getting in higher SP ships with the skillset and experience to use them effectively.  Our BLOPS program has taken off.  We even purchased some time to place an ad in the Alliance Tournment XII.  Why not?  It was fun. Many thanks to Stalence and Sandwoman for making this happen.

You can see more of our combat footage and videos at: Capsuleer Stalence YouTube

Some Articles written about the Alliance or includes us over the year:

The Mittani Articles

Enaluri Falls, Caldari Evacuation

Caldari Offensive Ends in Seppuku

The Fall of Innia

Faction Warfare: Black Rise and Placid Aflame

(Search Templis and you will find more on The Mittani).

EVE 24 Article

Frogs vs. Squids: An Overview

Crossing Zebras (Gallente Blog) Article

Caldari Militia

Templis CALSF exists because of the strong leadership underneath it and lives to serve the corporations.  It’s all about the leadership teams in the alliance and keeping our culture of teamwork and supporting one another alive.  Faction Warfare may change.  The challenges to drive a revenue stream for the players can be challenging however we remove any roadblocks each other has.

I love the fact that our most active corporation, Perimeter Defense Systems, is causing pain and frustration to the point that the “Grimwood Special” or “Deny The Gallente” model is getting comments online. “…Although I hate fighting Templis because of Grimwood and his MacGuyver-esque duct taped WD40 1-mil isk frigate specials…” Gallente Corporation Rapid WithdrawalGrimwood thanks for bringing the fight day in and day out.  Original EVE Online Post.

As a team we have racked up Trillions in damage.  2.72 Trillion ISK was destroyed by us as of October 31, 2014.  My time as executor has been great.  I have a ton of support in the alliance to ensure the Templis machine continues on.  As there is an ebb and flow the alliance is dialed in and doesn’t skip a beat.  Should my interests change we have a model in place to ensure the longevity of Templis CALSF Alliance.  Aside from all of that I have gained new relations in this world.  I look forward to connecting with these pilots on a weekly basis and working as a team.  Whether its a drunken fleet, BLOPS, Capital deployment or Small Gang Shenanigans, it provides that stress relief from the daily grind.  Thank you for being a part of that and thank you for parking my Vexor in a POS when I’m passed out at the keyboard.

So long as we are at war with the Gallente, we will continue to fight for the State!  I look forward to the coming year and all the PVP the.

Scylus Black
Executor Templis CALSF Alliance

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