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Wow!  Another year and a ton of memories!  Been a very exciting year for Templis in Caldari Faction Warfare.  We have grown immensely as an alliance.  Had to change our name and logo a couple times (more on that later).  Added some great leadership in the forms of the corporations on our team.

We have had some epic battles that have tested our skills.  We continue to remain true to the Caldari War Effort in spite of other teams leaving Faction Warfare or turning coat.  If nothing else this has strengthened our alliance.  We are known not to shy away from a fight and with all the external influences that have driven our comrades to other EVE activities.  We remain a team.  Something we are proud of that has taken a life of its own.  Being involved in Caldari Faction Warfare is not easy.  It will test your character.  Literally.  Many choose the path of least resistance which is not sticking with Faction Warfare.

I am grateful for the teams that have chosen to be a part of this Alliance.  We could not have done this without you.  Each of you bring a level of expertise that compliments the whole and strengthens our opportunities.  It’s been great to make new friends.

That being said we of course could not have done it without the support and willing engagement of our favorite Gallente teams.  QCats, Justified Chaos, and Monkeys with Guns to name a few.  Thanks for keeping it interesting and for the most part civil.  It’s been enjoyable getting in the mix and fighting.  This has tested our skills and allowed us to improve our game.  We hope to continue to deliver on this and challenge yours.  It’s been great.

On behalf of Templis CALSF we wish all of you a happy and safe new year!  Done with 2013!  On to 2014!  I am sure it will be as exciting, if not more so, than 2013.

Meet you in the middle and fly dangerous!  o7

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