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Posted by Scylus Black On December - 3 - 2013 0 Comment

leeroyIt’s pretty cool when you get two perspectives.  Few nights back we decided to go out on a Battlecruiser on up roam.  We do that from time to time to keep the experience up and pilots engaged.  Just so happens that on this night the Gallente were looking to take down the Enaluri IHUB. We reached out to others in the area to see if they wanted to help prevent that to no avail.  No worries.  We were in a “Leeeeroy” mood and jumped in.  Two minutes into it they were looking at an exit strategy.  Good opportunity for us to see what we could have done differently to ensure that.  Lot of fun!

Templis Dragonaors iHub Fight Enaluri

Ghost 096 does promise the quality of the videos will be cutting edge and less narrative at the beginning next time.  Please make all donations to “Ghost Needs a New Card” ;) – In all seriousness Ghost has been doing videos online for quite some time.  As a pilot in Providence Guard and now Arma Purgatorium he has been getting the word of EVE out there.  When he is not DJing and feeling the groove he’s flying combat ships and capturing the carnage for us online.  Thanks for that Ghost!

Gallente iHub Fight Enaluri

Kudos to the Gallente for holding the field and nice work on the video.  Very professional and excellent quality.  Towards the end of the 8 minute fight we see another CalMil fleet jump in only to get wasted 60 seconds after they land.  Wonder what it would have looked like if we were in the same fleet working together?

We’ll meet you in the middle again soon Gallente!

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