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Posted by Scylus Black On December - 3 - 2013 0 Comment

factionwarfareRecently I was asked by Matthew Geary (Schwigg) of http://factionwarfare.com to answer the question of “Why I fight for the Caldari…” Wanting to support a new operation that has the potential of telling our tales I obliged. You can read the article here: http://factionwarfare.com/why-i-fight-scylus-black/

Now it’s no secret that “Schwigg” and I have no love lost for one another. Back when he was in Faction Warfare with Crimson Serpent Syndicate [CSSYN] we did not see eye to eye on things and more importantly, not having a relationship with one another, had heated discussions that were not beneficial for either of us. Fast forward his exit and return to Faction Warfare we have this cool new site. I hope this incarnation of “Geary” will be an opportunity to bridge relations and grow the Faction Warfare community.

“Geary” did post some “hind sight 20/20” findings on his site and an apology to several members in Faction Warfare community including me. Geary… apology accepted. Good luck with the new site! If Templis Dragonaors can help in any way we will do what we can.

Look forward to objective articles from all sides of the battle front!


Scylus Black
Executor Templis Dragonaors Alliance

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