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innia_heartlandInnia Heartland. PVP On Demand. That’s really what it’s all about right now. This is the location for anything in Faction Warfare. Templis Dragonaors Alliance has been here since May. When everyone was laughing at us wondering why we would risk Low-Sec as a home, we stuck it out. We lost Innia in July. We reclaimed it a couple days later and held ever since. Just a jump away from all the action and in many cases just outside our door!

We now have TEST and other Alliances using Innia as a staging ground with more CalMil joining in for lots of PVP action. One jump away from the Gallente front lines ensures we don’t have far to get a fight. Ship, Jump, Fight, Repeat… We have pirates that come to Innia looking for fights which only keeps us ahead of the curve with our skill set. Many have lost some ships on our station undock. Even a cavalier pirate Archon pilot lost his carrier to the inhabitants of Innia. It’s a great place to be for the action.

Only down side are the warps. Very long and can delay quick reaction to enemy activity at times. However the days of reshipping slowly or not at all are gone. Innia has been seeded with Carebear Vendors helping us stock the market. For once you can fit a ship in Innia through purchasing all parts in this system as opposed to flying to Onnamon, Ichoriya or even Jita. The cost is comparable and when you take into the expense of shipping it’s a bargain.

If you have not made the jump to Innia we look forward to you joining the ranks of any one of the CalMill Corporations and Alliances here. More importantly we look forward to welcoming newbros in these ranks.

Templis Dragonaors Alliance runs daily fleets. We have ships on contract for the Alliance should you need and each corporation under the Templis Banner typically has ships readily available on contract for their pilots. On Thursdays, Caldari Colonial Defense Ministry hosts a Templis Blue Frigate Fleet. We provide free ships for you (regardless of whether you are in the alliance or not). This ensures the fleet leaves on time and you get to fight! Please join us and join “CCDM Chan” for more information about Templis Dragonaors and CCDM. Fly Dangerous!

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