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Posted by Scylus Black On November - 24 - 2013 0 Comment

podcastIt’s not often you get asked to participate in an interview. Or at least be asked about your labor of love. Since I assumed executorship of Templis Dragonaors a lot has changed. We went from a stalled Alliance with limited to no leadership. To one where each CEO of the respected corporations are an integral part of our success. It’s truly about the team. So when I was asked to sit in on the Capsuleer Podcast by one of our alliance corporations hosted by Cpl. Roddy and Radamere I was honored. A Twtch TV Podcast that covers everything EVE. They are both from Arma Purgatorium which is helmed by Morgan Torry and one of our corporations in Templis. They have been with us well over a year and bring a level of expertise to the team that helps us develop further in Armor Doctrines and logistics. Solid bunch of guys who have an interest in others areas. One of them is media. They have there own community called Angry Gamers, Inc. This is a gaming community that was created in December of 2010. Since then it has expanded to include sponsored games and host various services for sponsored clans/guilds/groups such as TeamSpeak servers, dedicated forum space, and individual web space with a reliable webmaster. When I was asked during the podcast what challenges we currently face. I said none. You can hear my response to the question and how I support it in Episode 4’s broadcast. http://www.twitch.tv/angrygamersinc/b/481603655 Just after 1:04:55 into the PODCAST Radamere asks me that question. I had a lot of fun. Relaxed professional atmosphere with good conversations. Time flew by! Capsuleer Podcast is held on Twitch TV every Wednesday at 23:15 EVE. Come join them for giveaways, commentary, many leaders in EVE being interviewed and a lot of fun!

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