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Posted by Scylus Black On November - 12 - 2013 Comments Off

providence_guardOur very own Providence Guard has opened up recruiting for new pilots.  This team with strong leadership and long ties in Faction Warfare is our only Caldari Ship Purist corporation in the Alliance.  So if you have a desire to be a part of a stable alliance and want to only fly Caldari.  Look no further.  Join Ramius Decimus’ and Jin Solara’s team!  The Providence Guard is now soley under the command of the Chief Executive Panel, true government of the State.  They operate Caldari starships only (with special exception to Khanid and Guristas technology) throughout sovereign Caldari space and the embattled war zone with limited fleet Factional Warfare.  Ideally looking for those that know Caldari lore and history including a great sense of Patriotism for our glorious State.  However they are open and willing to train new pilots who may not have that desire yet.  Few fleets in and you will be proud to serve with them for the cause!


EDITED: Providence Guard is no longer a member of Caldari Militia.

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