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arma_birthday3Wow!  Time flies when you are having fun.  More importantly Templis continues to evolve with talented teams that get in the mix.  Under the leadership of Morgan Torry and his directors.  Arma Purgatorium (ARPUR) has become a stable fixture in Faction Warfare.  They bring a wealth of talent and Armor Doctrine knowledge to the Alliance.  We are grateful to have them on the team and wish them a well deserved Happy Birthday!  Meet you in the middle gents!  Wish you all the best!  Fly dangerous.  – Scylus

That being said ARPUR is celebrating their one year with a huge event!  From the CEO of ARPUR himself, Morgan Torry…

ARPUR turns 1 year old on November 11th, so to celebrate our achievement of surpassing a milestone that most corporations fold under we will be running a giant event on the following day, November 12th – Tuesday.

We will be forming up destroyers to celebrate.   This roam will take us through many sectors.  The last three pilots to die in this fleet will also receive an Assault Frigate of their choice. The very last pilot to die may also get a few extra goodies.

It is a bring your own boat event but here’s the catch – it’ll be a dirty Santa knock-off! For those of you not familiar with the concept as it is applied on EVE:

1. Fit up a silly destroyer. T1 modules preferably, absolutely no T2 guns. Faction ammo is a given though. 2. “Silly destroyer” means something hilariously foolish. MSE Dragoon, dual-prop Cormorant, pulse laser Thrasher. 3. When we all show up all of the destroyers will be given to the ARPUR FC where he will simply announce the name of the fits and go in alphabetical order in pilots. From the fit names (so be creative!) each pilot picks their ship. All they will know is the ship and name, not the fit. 4. There’s a few more rules about stealing someone else’s ship and having yours swapped is possible, but I’ll save that for when the fleet does the gifting! 5. Keep the value cheap. No more than 15m – it’s meant to be a fun event where we all die silly deaths and spam .gifs in local. 6. It’s also meant to be a celebration! Randomly throughout the night ARPUR directors may be handing out random prizes to all those in fleet. 7. Since we’ll be going into null, here’s the mandatory “bring a clean clone or prepare to lose your implants sorry etc etc”

It is destroyer-only. No frigates or other options. This is not a plexing fleet. The goal is not warzone domination. We will not be hunting wts and ignoring other targets. Adult beverages are recommended, but Root Beer or Dr. Pepper are acceptable substitutes. After we all die horribly we will be running a serious fleet afterwards with a short downtime of roughly 30 minutes for bios and refills. This post-celebration fleet will be ran until everyone passes out! Donations to increase the prize pool are much appreciated to make it a bigger birthday bash though right now I’m pretty sure everyone will want to be there when they hear about the prizes afterwards ;)

For many of us in ARPUR this is a big deal and well worth our staying up all night and handing out lots of prizes to all who attend. So come join us next Tuesday!

-Morgan Torry

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