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Posted by Scylus Black On October - 20 - 2013 Comments Off

fightnight3People often wonder how active Templis Dragonaors are.  When you read posts on EVE Online from our enemy or articles on The Mittani and EVE 24.  You would know then we are a very active group who bring the fight.  What pilots don’t know about us is we fleet daily and have scheduled events so our team can plan accordingly.  We don’t often post in Militia Channel our operations.  However when we do.  We are very excited about the turn out.  Nothing required to join just a planned fleet so if you do want to get in the mix.  You can plan accordingly around your own personal life.  We thrive off of PVP and in this article the discussion is around our Thursday Night Fight series.  Sestora Vikingson of CCDM has ensured that those in the North American Time Zones (or crazy sleep schedules) are given an opportunity to go out on a roam.  Frigate format.  Free ships for those pilots in need.  That’s correct.  We fly Kestrels and Merlins with a ton of them to give out for those who need a ship.  We roam the local systems getting fights.  One Thursday we camped Nennamaila and melted a Brutix and Navy Vexor.  In frigates no less!  Rademere Estidal Estidal of Arma Purgatorium hosts an Armor Fleet on Thursday to compliment the UK / European Time Zones.  One thing about Templis Dragonaors is we look to get in the mix.   We like to have teams outside Templis join us.  Have some beverages and blow off steam.  Its an opportunity for those teams to get to know us.  Those looking for a corporation or alliance will be able to make an educated decision.  Beside who likes to fleet without friends?  Fly dangerous and we look forward to seeing you on the next roam!

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