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On July 20, 2013 Templis Dragonaors held an alliance-wide tournament in an undisclosed location.  It lasted several hours, and included 1v1, 2v2, and Battleship combat.  We had a great time getting in the mix with one another.  This tournament was sponsored by Providence Guard, one of the corporations within our alliance (thank you ColonelNick and team!).  Sign-ups were for a 1vs1 tech 1 Cruiser bracket, a 2vs2 tech 1 cruiser bracket (able to pick your team mates for this one), and an xVSx battleship brawl that allowed for tech 1 cruisers(x determined by even split of participants) and 1 battleship per team.  Teams for the latter were drawn randomly.  The goal behind the tournament was simple: allow us to test out our fittings, hone our skills and get to know one another more.

Door Prizes: 1 Pirate Faction Battleship. 1 Navy Faction Battlecruiser. 2x 300,000,000 ISK Prize Bags.  These were drawn and awarded to participants who made the effort to come out and fight.

Prizes for the winners of each bracket:

1v1 Cruiser Bracket
1st place: 500,000,000 isk champions purse and free Pirate Faction Cruiser of choice
2nd place: 200,000,000 isk runner up purse and free Navy Faction Cruiser of choice

2v2 cruiser Bracket
1st place: 250,000,000 isk champions purse each and free Tech 1 Battleship of choice each
2nd Place: 100,000,000 isk champions purse and free Tech 1 Battlecruiser hull of choice each

Battleship Brawl
Winning team gets free Navy Faction Cruiser of choice each.

Comments from some of the participants:

“I was anxious.  And actually I almost won my first match !!! I successfully kited my opponent and speed tanked his drones!!! It was due to inexperience that, when the facilitator warned me of my 80km away from the area center, I panicked and headed straight back.  I was caught by the scram & web and got blown up.  It was a good lesson learned.

I waited for 2 hours then for the 2v2 to start.  To my surprise, my partner Jin Solara (Providence Guard) and I won the first round!!! We made it through to the final and won !!! It was such a surprise and I was so happy about it.

Lastly I joined the battleship brawling event, and my team won again!!!”

- Tommy Ork CCDM -

“I was in a shield thorax.  Fought the first fight of the 1v1 against a Vexor and I had to chase him down as he mwd’ed away from me. Won by default because he went over 100k from the center mark.

Second round of the 1v1 I fought a neuting Vexor which sucked my cap dry and I surrendered.

In the battleship fight I was neuted by Bizkill’s Dominix and killed but not before I was able to get in on two cruiser kills. ”

- Maxamus Rex CCDM-

…and the winners are…

1v1 Cruiser Bracket
1st place: ColonelNick – Providence Guard
2nd place: Sol Khan – Arma Purgatorium

2v2 cruiser Bracket
1st place: Jin Solara – Providence Guard, and Tommy Ork – CCDM
2nd Place: Savgeist – Providence Guard, and ColonelNick – Providence Guard

Battleship Brawl
Colonel Nick (Battleship pilot), Tommy Ork, Sheimi Madaveda, Kibitt Kallinikov, Maxamus Rex, and Shahai Shintaro.

Door Prizes

Radamere – Arma Purgatorium  – 300 Million

Maxamus Rex – CCDM  – 300 Million

CPL Roddy – Arma Purgatorum – NFB

Savgeist – Providence Guard – PFB

This being our first major tournament, it exceeded our expectations.  I look forward to seeing this grow.  Who knows.  Over time we may include allies outside the Alliance.  However for now… This was a success!  Well done to all and thank you again Providence Guard on the sponsorship!

Edited and Proofed by Schwigg CSSYN.  Thanks for the assist.

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