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caldari_spyLike a Moth before a Flame…

In our first of several exposes centering on Secret Agents.  We explore the life and times of Dragon Flamez.  A Caldari Militia Pilot from the esteemed ranks of Dark Circle Enforcement (DCE) who through his various contacts was able to secure a position in the Gallente High Command and place his alt inside their heartland.

Let’s start from the beginning.  Dragon Flamez was born 1/22/2013.  As a redhead (Ginger) his upbringing brought him times of frustration and isolation.  Many of his classmates picked on him.  So much so that early on he was the last to be picked for football and often was the brunt of jokes in his class.  Acting out violently one day he branded himself with, what he hoped would be an equal sign on his right cheek.  Hoping that this action would bring about equality for all “Gingers” and set him apart from the rest, the action only served to propel him towards his destiny.  One that would raise him to the ranks of other great spies and saboteurs.  This action did not go so well and the equal sign was larger on one side than the other.  So he grew a goatee and started wearing a leather jacket.  His father often said; “If you can’t act tough then look tough.”  So he did.  In May 2013 his destiny would be realized.  He was chosen to execute a level of covert craftsmanship the likes of which have not been seen in the Caldari Militia.  He was to purchase a Capital Capable toon, perform an act of treason to gain clout with the enemy, and join their ranks.  On 5/19/2013 he purchased the CrazyPill toon and began the process of integrating this Alt into the Gallente War Machine.  On 5/25/2013 he left DCE and begin preparations to execute the plan.  Ensuring that he would go down in history as a brilliant tactician of manipulative skill.

In part two of our expose.  We will discuss how former Secret Agent Dragon Flamez went deep undercover in the Gallente heart land to gather intel and influence the forces within.  Knowing he would need to pay off multiple levels of leadership, he would need to fund his operation in excess of billions.  An action that if properly executed would provide the ISK resources and give him the “street credit” needed to gain entrance into the underworld.  He would then need to take steps to sanitize his past and more interesting how he chose the alt character by name.  A name only a “Mindflood” Addicted mother could love… CrazyPill.

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