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calsf_logo2The history of The Templis Dragonaors is they were an ultra-nationalist Caldari terrorist organization whose origins date back to the Tikiona States. They are easily the most anti-Gallente political entity in New Eden. The organization was secretly involved in the destruction of Nouvelle Rouvenor.

In May 2013 the Executor was changed over to CCDM. During this brief time we have come together to focus on Corporation needs and leverage the Alliance to help resolve them. As an alliance we live to serve the the corporations under it for the greater good of the Caldari people and our fight against the Gallente. We gain our corporate applicants through attraction rather than promotion. The alliance exists because of the strong leadership in the corporations under it. As such its vital any corporate applicant is a fit to the team. Our Corporation Ticker CALSF (Caldari Special Forces) speaks to our focus and desire to be the best. We have an Alliance Charter to ensure we all remain aligned and continue to support one another. Any corporation that can abide by the Alliance Charter is welcome to apply for membership. We do not dictate Corporate Policy. We do however look to add corporations to the team that want to be a part of a larger community that supports one another.

We are very active in the community. As an Alliance we have nightly fleets for plexing and roams. A couple of our corporations host incursion fleets. What you will find is several corporations who have come together to fight the Gallente and drive them out of our respected systems.

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